Alex (CD) Slater - Photographer Alex Slater was born in Bitburg, Germany and grew up on Long Island, New York. She now resides in Athens GA USA.

Alex has arrived at photography from a unique perspective. At age 18 Alex moved to Manhattan and there began what would quickly become an international career as a fashion model, working with world renowned photographers for a span of 15 years. Listed here are some of these artist photographers - Guy Bourdin, Hans Fuerer, Joe Gaffney, Pamela Hanson, Art Kane, Eamon Mc Cabe, David Parfitt, Mike Reinhardt, Paulo Roversi, Graham Shearer, Claus Wickrath and Oliviero Toscani. Constantly on set, surrounded by the highest standard of professionalism and artistry, has set the bar and given her the 'in field' training that has allowed her to develop her art.

Consistently exposed to an enormous range of talent, technique and style has largely been her training ground. This experience combined with her natural talent, a good eye and an understanding of composition from technical and aesthetic points of view, has led to Alex's photographic portfolio. Concentrating on nature, landscape and flora at first and embracing new digital technologies Alex has emerged with a refreshing clear vision. "I aim to capture and photograph beauty in things that I see. That's all." Sounds simple, but what she 'sees and captures' is far more realized and unique to her vision. Each picture has a quality that challenges the viewer to look closer and wonder. Currently, Alex is building a portfolio of portraits and people in their daily life.

The results are representative of her keen eye for 'the shot'.