Warren Slater - Painter
Warren Slater was born in Sydney, Australia in 1952 and currently resides in Athens, Georgia. He attended art school full time at ESTC in Sydney during the late 1960's studying Ceramics and Painting. Setting up studio on a scholarship fund he began exploring conceptualism, minimalism and the field of 'real, image and illusion'. In 1973 the resulting works were shown at his his first solo exhibition at the ICA Gallery in Sydney.
The next few years saw a prolific series of paintings shown on permanent studio exhibition, from 1974 -1979, at the Shepherd and Newman building in Darlinghurst.
From 1979 on Warren enjoyed a career as a musician composer. During this period and as an echo to the 'Shepherd and Newman' series, he produced a series of 30 x 20 inch screen printed multi colored live Band posters. They were pasted weekly in a grid pattern three top and three bottom around building hoardings across Sydney. Approximately 15,000 posters were done in batches of about 100.
After traveling and relocating to Los Angeles USA in 1990 he resumed painting with the first works of his current series. With the desire to paint in a new way, the beginning works are clearly influenced by Pop, Aboriginal Art, Pointalism, and Op Art. Combining texture and color, gradually the technique has evolved into something new.
"Because the technique will not allow for extremely fine detail there are both limitations and advantages. I refine the idea until each painting can be realised in its most simple form. First an underpainting is done and then the dots are painted to give an atmosphere and shadow that cannot be achieved another way. Each dot is concave and arcs high enough to cast a shadow. The pictorial depth combined with the shadow on each dot often gives the painting a shimmer effect. The result is an unusual and very tactile surface and space."
Later works feature the interplay of Photo Realism and Op Art bringing the viewer closer to the surface and deeper into pictorial space.
Add an acute sense of color and an inviting feeling for composition to the mix and the basis for an ongoing and constantly developing series has emerged. The series is an intuitive experiment combining technique, the sub-concious and subjective experience. Within the the series a seemingly simple work can draw the viewer into a world of complexities worthy of closer attention and scrutiny.
From 2002 to 2014, Warren exhibited his paintings through the Oscarzulu Gallery in Northport New York.
In 2015 he held a solo show at the Ward Nasse Gallery in Soho New York, exhibiting 57 paintings completed between 1996 and 2015.
The Nasse Gallery continued to show a selection of his work through June 2017 before relocating and re-opening in Sussex, NJ. where they continue to show his paintings.